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Geriatric Medicine

St. Woolos Hospital
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This was my first ever job as a doctor, inside or outside the UK. I worked under a consultant who assured me that I would be properly trained and looked after. On my second day on the job, the reality dawned on me. I was the only F1 covering two wards - which was a common occurrence due to the abysmal staffing. I phoned the consultant three times within the space of two hours, which annoyed him greatly - again, this was a commonly recurring theme during my placement. Despite his insistence that he was a world-class trainer of junior doctors, he showed no such skill. In fact, multiple times during my torrid time with him, he demonstrated a hair trigger temper, bullying attitude and no desire to teach or train beyond a few vacuous attempts during ward round. Speaking of ward round, that's the only time the consultant was ever on the ward. So busy he was with admin duties, that he only turned up for ward round. This would be okay if it was a daily event, but ward round happened once a week. There was no registrar either, so the only exposure to senior input that we had was the few hours per week that he decided to turn up for ward round. If any medical emergency took place, he was nowhere to be seen. The four wards of geriatric medicine were almost entirely reliant on exclusively junior input. Avoid this hospital and, in particular, geriatric medicine at this hospital, like the plague.
Geriatric Medicine
Locum Senior House Officer
St. Woolos Hospital
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