Geriatric Medicine at Southampton General Hospital


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Foundation Programme Year One (FY1)
Geriatric Medicine
Very large speciality with multiple teams covering the various geographical areas of Southampton and the surrounding countryside. Each team aims to have an F1, SHO, SpR, and consultant. This varies depending on availability and there are definitely occasions where the ward round is SHO-led, but FY1 ward rounds are rare. Generally staff from other teams will cross cover, so an SHO may end up covering two teams if one team is short a registrar and its not the consultant's day to do ward round. Teaching was weekly, generally pretty well attended, and usually came with free lunch courtesy of pharmaceutical reps. Rota was pretty chilled, no ward based nights as an FY1 (you did nights on acute), only twilight shifts which were 1600-2400. Weekends were 1 in 4. Generally well supported although support did depend on which team you were placed in. My own experience was one of very good support, although I had colleagues in different teams who felt very differently. There are lots of fellow F1s on this placement which helps for support / social aspects of the job, and gives a nice sense of community. Would be quite common to organise socials and drinks after work, either as a large group or within your own teams - all good fun!
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