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Acute Internal Medicine
Overall it is a great department run by extremely supportive, knowledgeable and friendly consultants who make you feel like part of the team (check out the consultant profiles on twitter for more). Lots of opportunities for procedures, ultrasound and for teaching. The AMU nurses are very skilled and the department is overall run really well. Normal AMU days are 0800-1600. There is weekly departmental AMU teaching which you get a certificate for to fulfil the portfolio requirements. You are expected to post-take your patients (including after nights) but it has always been a great learning opportunity. The surrounding areas are deprived and the patient population is quite young. City hospital is also next to the prison so the patient population can be challenging at times. The medical staffing is also by far the best I have come across - they are very easy to contact and run a site-wide whatsapp group so gaps generally can get filled quite quickly. The hospital building itself is dated but the trust is still planning to move to the new Midland Met site so this will change. Hopefully the nature of the department does not change as this is probably the best job I have had as a trainee so far. Even during the covid peaks over winter 2020/2021 I usually looked forward to coming to work because of how supportive the team was and how well the department was run.
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