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Internal Medicine Training
General (internal) Medicine
Awful rota and admin staff. Not paid properly (if at all), waiting months for locum pay, rotas that come out three days before actually starting (god forbid you've prebooked any form of study leave, or are a human, with a life). Rotas also seem to always come out 15 mins before admin staff leave for the day. Good luck with emails or phone calls - these aren't ever answered. You are treated as a number on a spreadsheet. During covid, little regard for personal risk assessments - attitude by some senior staff was that we all have to do things we don't have to do - so why don't you just do it? Fit testing was half hearted (few FFP3 masks on the wards, then it seemed like they gave up and it was DIY fit testing where you watched a video in a room by yourself rather than having someone trained assess you). Night staffing can be up to one doctor covering 120 patients. On the upside, the medical seniors are quite supportive and other juniors are lovely. Can book rooms on site which is a godsend after nights (and there are plenty to go round). RMO easily accessible, even on nights.
Written with ❤️ by Anonymous on April 2021
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