Acute Internal Medicine at Birmingham Heartlands Hospital


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Junior (F1-ST2)
Acute Internal Medicine
Clerking shifts generally ok, OOH is awful. Frequently get handed over 20-30 patients in a go, (team of 3 clerking doctors overnight), which means that ward cover gets dragged to help clerk (God forbid hospital gets put onto black alert and the trust might get fined). Ward cover can end up covering 12 wards overnight - each a fully bedded 35 patient ward. Normally its 1 doctor: 6 wards which is just about manageable. The juniors are generally very nice however. The rota coordinator is awful and doesn't care. Don't bother putting any special requests including weddings, birthdays, holidays etc. six weeks before your rotation because it won't happen.
Written with ❤️ by Anonymous on September 2021
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