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Did job as FY2 - could be used for interested CST applicants as on same rota Only one FY2 per rotation - surgeons often forget you are F2 and think you are a core trainee Rota'd in for clinics, dedic
General Surgery
St James's University Hospital
Did FY1 job during pandemic. Although it states AIM you are not often based there, can be placed on any gen med/geris ward, on call can be on MAU or ward cover. MAU is bit of dumping ground as it is a
Acute Internal Medicine
St James's University Hospital
Worked here as an FY2. Pro's: -Excellent weekly teaching. Delivered by registrars. Covers an immense array of topics (medical emergencies, surgical emergencies, practical skills, legal). -Lots of be
Emergency Medicine
Aberdeen Royal Infirmary
Utter shit. Two words that best describe this department. Monkeys could do a better job at running a general surgical ward. This whole hospital is shit but gen. surg. is probably the worst. Very disor
General Surgery
Pilgrim Hospital
Worked on COTE, worst experience ever. Lack of decision making from seniors. Zero teaching. Very questionable knowledge from Consultants, practising their own medicine, not following NICE or local Tru
Geriatric Medicine
Tameside General Hospital
Very supportive seniors and a friendly working environment. I felt like part of the team during my FY rotation here and juniors are for the most part valued and well supported. Supervision from consul
Foundation Programme
The Harbour
Fairly good department, supportive seniors and SpRs. Not much departmental teaching. Gives you a good overview and grounding in general medicine. On calls covering any medical ward or AMU - well su
Geriatric Medicine
Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham
Variable quality of SpRs and consultants supervising. You did get a good overview of management of most of acute diabetes and generally unwell patients however no endocrine exposure. Minimal teaching
Endocrinology & Diabetes Mellitus
Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham
Very poor staffing, often have issues with last minute staff shortages and not dealt with in good time. Heavy workload, often with minimal senior access out of hours. Extremely poor facilities out of
Medical Oncology
Castle Hill Hospital
Excellent clinical and educational supervision. Very manageable workload. Cross-cover T&O when on call, which can be stressful at times. Friendly and inclusive team.
Plastic Surgery
Castle Hill Hospital
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Our Mission

For a while now Junior Doctors in the U.K. have been infantilised. National recruitment has reduced us down to a number (scoring our non-clinical work) and a first impression. From this we are expected to rank hundreds of jobs, often across the whole of the U.K., based on nothing but the name of a hospital and a speciality. A decision on where we will spend the next 2-8 years of our life, where we may have to uproot (or sometimes leave) our family and friends for, based on less information than we use to decide what coffee to buy.

We think we can do better.

JuniorDoctors.co.uk is a community based effort to change this. By sharing information on our jobs and training posts (via reviews) we empower ourselves (and future trainees) to make better and more informed choices when choosing and ranking jobs. It also allows us to highlight areas that are providing a good training experience as well as those that aren’t. Change is often slow, but we hope by making this information more transparent that we can change this and improve working and training conditions for us all.

Like all community based efforts JuniorDoctors.co.uk will live or die on the level of engagement from our community. We built this with love to help you and other trainees and we’re always open to feedback (just email [email protected] if you have any) to improve this site and better achieve our goals!

Privacy will always be our top priority at JuniorDoctors.co.uk and all reviews are anonymous with no personal identifiable information saved against them, this will never change.

If our mission resonates with you we would urge you to leave a review for your past placements (both good and bad) and together let’s making training more open and better for all of us!

The Junior Doctors Team ❤️

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